Top End Saltwater Barra & Bluewater/Big Tidal River Barra

Top End Saltwater Barra & Bluewater/Big Tidal River Barra
Top End Saltwater Barra & Bluewater/Big Tidal River BarraTop End Saltwater Barra and Bluewater: There's some terrific coastal rock barra fishing in this DVD, including tips on lure selection and working the tides to best advantage. Offshore, big mackerel hit the reef fish and get caught, and the golden snapper are huge. Headland barra, Rock Island barra, river barra, bluewater sportfish, big fingermark and Dundee.
Big Tidal River Barra: Latest big river barra tactics, with action-packed tournament coverage and whopper double hook-ups. Explains how to pick the spot and select barra lures to vary troll depths in the big rivers, and then proves the point with a double whammy which includes an absolute whopper. There are great big-river barra tips throughout this enthralling DVD. Shady Camp, barra on poppers, trolling science, Barra Classic, Barra Nationals and Adelaide River.

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