The Mud Crab Book

The Mud Crab Book
By biologist Kerry Wright B Sc. The absolute bible about mud crabs, intended for both amateur and commercial fishermen. You'll wonder how you caught a feed of mud crabs without it.

This book tells you when crabs are more likely to be on the flats, in the mangroves or in the main channels. It also explains how to farm them.

The book reveals full details of the mud crab life cycle, including when crabs are likely to be most abundant and most full. It explains how to trap them, hook them, and more.

Chapters in the Mud Crab Book are ...

"Distribution, Classification & Life Cycle" - This covers the extent of their distribution, how they breed and the different forms a mud crab assumes as it grows to become an adult mud crab.

"Biology" - Looks at how a mud crab sees, hears, mud crab diet, digests its food, adapts to a temporary life out of water, is able to shed limbs and the moulting process.

"When & Where to Catch" - Mud crab fishing. Covers where mud crabs can be found and at what times of the year the adults are more catchable.

"Equipment" - Catching mud crabs. A variety of pots you can make and how to set them.

"Farming" - Mud crab aquaculture. Requirements for the farming of mud crabs are discussed.

"Keeping" - Mud crabs may be kept in aquariums or even old bath tubs. It is possible to fatten up "empty" mud crabs.

"Recipes" - Some simple recipes for cooking these tasty crustaceans.


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