NAFF 7 (2007-08 edition) - corrections and updates

Northern Territory fishing licence: A free Northern Territory fishing licence will be required from July 31, 2007, to fish the NT's Aboriginal waters. This licence will apply until the High Court Appeal over the Blue Mud Bay decision is heard. The Blue Mud Bay decision was a finding by the Federal Court (in 2007) that Aboriginal people owned the rivers and the seas to the low water mark through and around NT Aboriginal land. FISH FINDER TM suggests that fishermen refer to the following web pages for more information ...

NT Government fishing licence web page

Northern Land Council fishing licence web page

After the High Court appeal: The NT fishing licence situation is likely to change radically if Aboriginal interests win the High Court appeal on Blue Mud Bay. Paid permits may be introduced and it is possible some areas now open to recreational fishermen will be made off-limits, although this is speculation. It remains to be seen what the full implications will be but the Northern Land Council has stated it wants a "piece of the action" in relation to commercial fishing and FISH FINDER TM suspects recreational fishing will be targeted too, possibly at a later date.

*Page 262, Mackay section - the two Downward Patches waypoints beginning with Latitude 29 are incorrect. Here are some other Downward Patches waypoints to use as a reference to find this area, from north to south, 21 07.604S 149 17.284E, 21 08.534S 149 17.348E, 21 09.814S 149 17.140E. Try also Downward Wide 21 06.889S 149 19.574E.


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